Chaboo Artist- Kelly Neidig

November 20th, 2008 by admin

Featured Chaboo artist Kelly Neidig has been working on a series of landscape themed work.  The series can be seen on her website.  In her own words:

My memories can be vague or vanish quickly and sometimes the only thing I have left is color. I see a connection between my memories and these fleeting landscapes I create.I focus more on color and less on shapes presenting little information to the viewer. This allows the viewer to call on their memories of place and connect with the painting based on their experiences.

It will be interesting to see how she uses negative space and the heavy linear quality of the bamboo ply left behind with her heavy colored lines.  I think it will be a great meeting of texture and color. I really wanted Kelly in on Project Chaboo after she talked to me about her creative crisis that led to her current theme of work.  It is always great to hear about the journey.  Thats what its all about isnt it?

Kelly also serves as board president of Portland Open Studios.

Portland Open Studios offers artists in the Portland metro area opportunities to showcase their work, engage a curious public, and network with other artists, all within a supportive environment. It’s a unique educational organization that serves the community and helps artists meet their professional goals through workshops, publicity, exhibitions, and the open studios tour.

Thanks for participating Kelly! Im glad you are on board and Im really excited to see how you work with the lines of the bamboo.  I also like your email last name of neidiggity.  Funny!  I get it!