Deer Chaboo Living in Style

January 20th, 2010 by admin

Amy Ruppel’s deer chaboo has found a home in Venice Beach, California.  Yes, there are deer in Southern California… well… now there are.

1 block from the beach!  Not bad

Chaboo Installation at Milepost5

August 31st, 2009 by admin

Manor of Art 2009 organized by Chris Haberman was an epic endeavor.  100 rooms, 100 artists and 20 bands over 10 days with the mayor himself presiding over closing ceremonies.  The opening party was remarkable with a few thousand people in attendance.  There were multiple bands including one of my favorites from the pennyjam videos- World’s Greatest Ghosts.  People were genuinely excited about exploring the expansive compound.  Honestly, it was the most fun art show Ive ever been to. 

Lisa Kuhnhausen designed yet another sweet chaboo installation.  I met with her on the site and explained to her my concepts for chaboo2 that I wanted represented.  We decided to not showcase any of the chaboos from the first show at all and instead highlighted the web of connections from chaboo1.  The red dots have all the artists names on them and Emily Knudsen connected the dots with her steady hand.  Somehow people tended to be connected to someone on the other side of the room, making Emily very agitated with me since I made the list. Ha

Each artists has a red string connecting them with the original chaboo.  Disclaimer: It was entirely Lisa’s decision to use red.  Although Im obsessed with it right now I dont force others to share my own values.  ;)  And no, they are not laser beams Joe…..  Its string.

Chaboo2 is going to be all about people connecting with each other, not just with me.  The project will be stronger IF people step it up and take up the void left by my absense.  I believe!

Project Chaboo at Milepost 5

August 11th, 2009 by admin

There is a super cool show going on at Milepost 5 starting this Friday 8/14 at Milepost 5.  Ive been given a room and the freedom to do whatever I want so of course I have used it as an opportunity to promote Chaboo2!  Its called Manor of Art featuring 100 rooms and 100 artists and 20 bands over 10 days (8/14-23).  Curated by Chaboo artist Chris Haberman, the show has some bigtime sponsors and promises to be pretty amazing.

Lisa Kuhnhausen has yet again come up with a neato installation.  I mostly like it because it involves red.  Just kidding… kind of.   You will have to come see for your self how she condensed Project Chaboo into 300square ft while getting my new concept for Chaboo2 across.

Each artist gets an entire room to do whatever they want.  Imagine that!  It really is pretty cool.  I took a sneak peak at some rooms.  ;)  See ya there Friday night.

Jumbo Chaboo

July 26th, 2009 by admin

A few weeks ago I shipped out my largest order for chaboos yet.  Wasteland Clothing is opening a new location in Burbank, CA and ordered ten chaboos with minor customization and one custom jumbo chaboo.

Here is the whole family of chaboos.  To the left is the original- 12.5h x 14″d x 32″w.  Middle is medium chaboo 15 x 18 x 36.  JUMBO chaboo is 18 x 24 x 48!!! For scale is my brother.  He is actually 7ft 2″ tall, 325 lbs- thatll give you an idea of size!

I had to change the design to accomidate the extra length.  With 3/4″ I wouldnt go past a 36″ span without a beam supporting it.  The half moon cutout creates the handhold in the top like in the original.  Clever clever.

This order came in through a random google hit to my website searching for bamboo benches.  They had never heard of Project Chaboo or seen the website.  AFTER ALL THAT my only online sale had nothing to do with Project Chaboo.  Funnnnny

Chaboo 2 sneak preview

June 23rd, 2009 by admin

Chaboo 2 is starting to formulate.  Im trying to plan it ahead this time but of course, I know its going to be flying by the seat of my pants organic. Its going to be risky, edgy, revolutionary, experimental and bad ass.

Some random sneak preview thoughts:

>Take the focus off of me and more on the community.  this means people have to step it up and help each other rather than me helping everyone.  If people step up to the plate it will be a stronger project with greater diversity of ideas.

>Involve community in the development of the project- it will morph and grow as users dictate the flow.  Im goin with the flow baby.

>Promote the artists hard core.  Everyone will have a profile page where they can do whatever they want and perhaps ETSY like ability to sell stuff.

>Project pages will be separate and multiple users will be able to join in on a posted project and contribute content, comments, images, etc.  Process will be very public in terms of visibility but also functionally as well.  The new motto: community design.

>I want it to become a forum where artists can offer their services to help other artists.  For example, Plywerk and I are developing a plywerk chaboo so photographers can easily submit a chaboo.

>Laser folding chaboo- artists from around the world will be able to participate digitally.  Yup- super cool thanks to my friend Laser Joe