Denver Scuplture at Night

November 1st, 2009 by admin

Denver Sculpture lit up at night.  BambooDNA crew tried to arrange ourselves so we would all appear to be the same height through perspective but screwed up and did it backwards!  (im the shortest guy)

Denver Sculpture Part2.

October 20th, 2009 by admin

We revisit the sculpture we built as BambooDNA at the MileHigh Music Festival earlier this summer in this blog post part1.  Brief recap: we unloaded the prefabricated columns and erected them by hand using pulleys and rigging ingenuity.

Next up: the big guns!  We had an ENORMOUS crane help us erect the center column.  Yah, it was a little overkill to use a $1.3million 135ton crane (270,000lbs) with a 266ft maximum extension to erect a 700lb spire but thats how we fly- in style.  And it looked cool to top it off!

The column nested into a steel ring in the center and the riggers tied it off to the structure with guy wires.  The heroic Kevin Rowell then climbed the spire and released the crane.

Next we put up the bright red sails.  They are made of spandex like material and are very flexible.  We tie them on with a secret technique involving small rocks wrapped in fluorescent tape.

Wala!  We have TENSEGRITY (structures with an integrity based on a synergy between balanced tension and compression components).  Nerdy yes and cool yes.

This was a great build.  Our fearless leader Gerard Minakawa has our operation running at full efficiency.  We knocked it out with no problem and had time to go rafting, jump off 40 ft cliffs, run down glaciers barefooted, and even hit the casino!

We’ll end with me pretending to work ;) having too much fun with a bamboo hatchet.

Denver Sculpture part1

August 1st, 2009 by admin

The bamboo sculpture BambooDNA had planned for the Mile High Music Festival was a scaled down version of the big boy at coachella earlier this year.   The budget was low so we planned on hitting it with only 7 guys.  I was surprised when the boys picked me up in a luxury rental car with black leather interior.  Thats usually not our style.

The concert site was in these giant fields next to Dick’s Sporting Goods Park, home of Denver’s Major League Soccer team.  Our meals were catered in the stadium.. which was pretty cool.  We got to soak in a game while we were at it. 

We unloaded the prefabricated columns off the truck by hand and rolled them on bamboo poles over to the setup area old school style.   Six of these columns get erected by manpower only and guywired down.  Here we have our expert rigger Brandon Niles pulling up a column with a little help from his pulley friends as JP and Kevin move the steel base plate into position.

Mile High Music Festival

July 13th, 2009 by admin

Its the time of year where I take off on my adventures with BambooDNA.  With the increasing responsibilities of my kids TomitaDesigns and Project Chaboo, Im scaling back this year.  Last year I was gone for two months, this year I will only miss 3 business days and squeeze in a rafting trip.

I will be at the Mile High Music Festival in Denver to build a “light” version of the bamboo skyscraper at Coachella this year.  It will be “only” 66ft tall.  We have a compact, experienced crew of 7 BambooDNAers to build this monster in only 3 days.  Can you say “working by generator”? Im interested to see how things go with so few people but all very experienced builders.  It brings back memories of building starry mandala at burning man in 2006 with basically only 7 people at the same time.

We can go to the concert for free but ill probably pass.  The crew is going rafting on Saturday!  Excited for Denver- stay tuned.

BambooDNA at Coachella 2009

May 2nd, 2009 by admin

I missed out on the Coachella build this year with BambooDNA.  We are a group led by Gerard Minakawa traveling the world building bamboo sculptures for rock concerts.  Coachella is a giant outdoor music festival held near Palm Springs CA with Paul McCartney and the Killers headlining this year.

photo by Nils Hammerbeck

This is their most recent build which I unfortunately skipped out on.  They built a 90ft high bamboo skyscraper and a little cluster of palapas for the rockstars to hang out in backstage.

Great job everyone.  Way to represent!  I bet if the wind is blowing just right the flame at the top extends the structure to the magic 100ft level.  Ill be participating in at least one build this year- just to keep those improvisational skills sharp.   ;)