Deer Chaboo Living in Style

January 20th, 2010 by admin

Amy Ruppel’s deer chaboo has found a home in Venice Beach, California.  Yes, there are deer in Southern California… well… now there are.

1 block from the beach!  Not bad

Amy Ruppel Deer painting for my office

October 12th, 2009 by admin

One of my favorite artists and certainly the sweetest, Amy Ruppel has created a unique custom painting for my office.  I still had the 1/4″ MDF template that we used to make her deer chaboo (shown below) and I had her paint it.  Its hard to believe but its her first time painting on an irregular, non-rectangular canvas.

In this painting she combined digital printouts with hand etching and covered the whole surface in white wax.  I love the delicacy of the deer form and her composition is of course, uncanny.

Check out her website here to see her other work. She does a lot of digital design work but can also work by hand.   She has done work for big companies such as Burton snowboards and Target as well as for us little people ;)  Shes one of my favorite artists because she has a spirit and attitude of fun and warmth.  Thanks for a great painting Amy!

Santa in my Shop

October 5th, 2009 by admin

Check out this picture of Santa Claus in his workshop at the North Pole…. NOT!  Its actually taken in my workshop by brilliant photographer Quavondo.

I built this set for him out of random stuff laying around the shop- windows, wine barrel, wood paneling, red fabric, workbench.  I borrowed a bunch of old hand tools from my friend Matty Sears.  Check out the huge 2 person saw in the background.

Crazy huh?  Quavondo is a photographer primarily focusing on celebrity and fashion photography.  While mostly working for clients, he shoots for stock photography on the side.  He had an idea to do vintage Santa pictures and contacted me out of the blue if he could use my work shop.

Pretty amazing work if you ask me.  Clearly he is a man of vision and inspired ideas.  Click on the images to go to his website.

Ya, Santa Claus and fashion have very little to do with furniture design…. or so it seems.  However, a common interest to create just because we want to brought us together.  Another fun day at TomitaDesigns!

Tom Huang Chaboo

June 19th, 2009 by admin

Weve had an addition to the Project Chaboo lineup all the way from Kansas.  Tom Huang unfortunately did not complete his chaboo in time for the show in March but as they say, better late than never!  His chaboo is pretty amazing.  I met Tom through master bamboo weaver Jiro Yonezawa.  He used some of the techniques he learned from Jiro.  Have a look at his chaboo page!

Helmet or Glasses?

June 8th, 2009 by admin

Went to a cool show last friday at NemoDesigns to see Aaron Piland’s (1/2 of APAK) work.

Lots of chabooers in the crowd: Lisa Kuhnhausen, Amy Ruppel, Mark Riera, Joe Mansfield, Ryan Thomson, Anna Campbell, Aaron and Ayumi Piland, and myself of course.  Liked the work of artist Ryan Bubnis who I met for the first time.  More on him later…

Had a little fun…