Natural Edge Hall Table

Just completed this hall table made from a nice salvaged maple slab.  Im doing a little bit of metalwork now.  Im into leaving metal looking raw like it just came from the mill.  In this case, I made the parts that I had to weld/grind match by using a metal blackening patina.

Fun design where its basically a tripod structure.  The weight of the steel leg helps stabilize this delicated looking structure.  I got nerdy and routed a pocket on the bottom so the metal leg sits flush with the bottom of the wood.  Stunning figure in the burl.

I love working with natural edge wood because every design is dependent on the material I have on hand.  Everything from material selection to design and fabrication feels more free-form like sculpture.  Also, I like the concept that these big slabs I get are all urban salvage meaning they are trees that are getting cut down for parking lots,road expansions, etc.  Usually the wood gets chopped into firewood.  Fires are nice but how bout some cool furniture instead?

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