For the past 4 months or so I have been working on starting up a new business with my friend Joe Mansfield of Engrave.   He runs a laser engraving company specializing in doing all things cool.  Check out his flickr here.  While we have been neighbors and friends for years, it recently dawned on us that our skills compliment each other well and we shared the same passion and devotion for creative exploration.

While we will continue to operate our own companies we will collaborate on products for the new company named “grove”. Grove will focus on environmentally friendly laser customizable products made of bamboo.  We are using FSC certified bamboo and making the process as local and green as we reasonably can.  Finishes are all natural and packaging design will focus on reusing and recycling.

Ive purchased a CNC milling machine to use for TomitaDesigns and also Grove.  The new 4axis Haas VF2 is accurate to 1/25th of the width of a human hair.

I will design/build the products along with Joe and he will add the customization ability of his laser similar to his engraveyourbook series.  Combined with Joe’s large format Trotec Laser we can make just about anything!

We will be launching in about a month at the underconstruction website   Stay tuned.

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