Amy Ruppel Deer painting for my office

One of my favorite artists and certainly the sweetest, Amy Ruppel has created a unique custom painting for my office.  I still had the 1/4″ MDF template that we used to make her deer chaboo (shown below) and I had her paint it.  Its hard to believe but its her first time painting on an irregular, non-rectangular canvas.

In this painting she combined digital printouts with hand etching and covered the whole surface in white wax.  I love the delicacy of the deer form and her composition is of course, uncanny.

Check out her website here to see her other work. She does a lot of digital design work but can also work by hand.   She has done work for big companies such as Burton snowboards and Target as well as for us little people ;)  Shes one of my favorite artists because she has a spirit and attitude of fun and warmth.  Thanks for a great painting Amy!

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