Project Chaboo at Milepost 5

There is a super cool show going on at Milepost 5 starting this Friday 8/14 at Milepost 5.  Ive been given a room and the freedom to do whatever I want so of course I have used it as an opportunity to promote Chaboo2!  Its called Manor of Art featuring 100 rooms and 100 artists and 20 bands over 10 days (8/14-23).  Curated by Chaboo artist Chris Haberman, the show has some bigtime sponsors and promises to be pretty amazing.

Lisa Kuhnhausen has yet again come up with a neato installation.  I mostly like it because it involves red.  Just kidding… kind of.   You will have to come see for your self how she condensed Project Chaboo into 300square ft while getting my new concept for Chaboo2 across.

Each artist gets an entire room to do whatever they want.  Imagine that!  It really is pretty cool.  I took a sneak peak at some rooms.  ;)  See ya there Friday night.

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