Denver Sculpture part1

The bamboo sculpture BambooDNA had planned for the Mile High Music Festival was a scaled down version of the big boy at coachella earlier this year.   The budget was low so we planned on hitting it with only 7 guys.  I was surprised when the boys picked me up in a luxury rental car with black leather interior.  Thats usually not our style.

The concert site was in these giant fields next to Dick’s Sporting Goods Park, home of Denver’s Major League Soccer team.  Our meals were catered in the stadium.. which was pretty cool.  We got to soak in a game while we were at it. 

We unloaded the prefabricated columns off the truck by hand and rolled them on bamboo poles over to the setup area old school style.   Six of these columns get erected by manpower only and guywired down.  Here we have our expert rigger Brandon Niles pulling up a column with a little help from his pulley friends as JP and Kevin move the steel base plate into position.

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