Jupiter Hotel

June 30th, 2009 by admin

A few months ago I completed a big project for the Jupiter Hotel (hotel connected to Doug Fir). They did a big remodel designed by Mark Design group and I was hired to produce custom desks and headboards with end tables for 54 rooms.

Custom desk below with glossy white laminate.  I took their design concept and redesigned to work for the budget I was presented with.  To save costs I designed it to be IKEA on steroids.  Everything is knockdown but with super heavy duty 35mm Cam hardware and glued together on site with 3/4″ backs.  Parts were made at a local mill that has a CNC machine and we assembled the parts at my shop.

Detail of the headboards and boxes below.  Boxes are bolted on from the back with 8 2.5″ conformat screws.  Again, overbuilt.  I changed the original design to a stronger proportion.  I dont like getting callbacks and I assumed the worst for abuse at this rowdy hotel!

It was a fun challenge dealing with a huge quantity (54) and limited budget.  I feel really good about working with the budget and producing something strong very efficiently.

I think Ive found a nice niche where I can do big projects like this at much less expense than the other big companies that do this kind of work.  I keep things simple here with low overhead and efficient and flexible operations.

What a great experience!  Thank you to the folks at the Jupiter and also Mark Design Group for helping me pull this project off.  Im looking forward to getting more work in the hospitality field.

Not a bad day at work

June 27th, 2009 by admin

Its true.  This is the view from my friend Ben Wood’s shop up on Skyline.  We were “working” on building some wardrobes together up there a few weeks ago.  More like vacation!

I sent this pic to my friend in LA with subject line: My view from work.

No better place than Oregon in the summer!

Chaboo 2 sneak preview

June 23rd, 2009 by admin

Chaboo 2 is starting to formulate.  Im trying to plan it ahead this time but of course, I know its going to be flying by the seat of my pants organic. Its going to be risky, edgy, revolutionary, experimental and bad ass.

Some random sneak preview thoughts:

>Take the focus off of me and more on the community.  this means people have to step it up and help each other rather than me helping everyone.  If people step up to the plate it will be a stronger project with greater diversity of ideas.

>Involve community in the development of the project- it will morph and grow as users dictate the flow.  Im goin with the flow baby.

>Promote the artists hard core.  Everyone will have a profile page where they can do whatever they want and perhaps ETSY like ability to sell stuff.

>Project pages will be separate and multiple users will be able to join in on a posted project and contribute content, comments, images, etc.  Process will be very public in terms of visibility but also functionally as well.  The new motto: community design.

>I want it to become a forum where artists can offer their services to help other artists.  For example, Plywerk and I are developing a plywerk chaboo so photographers can easily submit a chaboo.

>Laser folding chaboo- artists from around the world will be able to participate digitally.  Yup- super cool thanks to my friend Laser Joe

Tom Huang Chaboo

June 19th, 2009 by admin

Weve had an addition to the Project Chaboo lineup all the way from Kansas.  Tom Huang unfortunately did not complete his chaboo in time for the show in March but as they say, better late than never!  His chaboo is pretty amazing.  I met Tom through master bamboo weaver Jiro Yonezawa.  He used some of the techniques he learned from Jiro.  Have a look at his chaboo page!

Website Update - Hosoi

June 16th, 2009 by admin

Ive also added a piece I built a few years ago as the cousin to Takai.  Which design do you like better?  Its almost a Chinese versus Japanese thing. This is going to polarize the world.  Its like Republicans vs Democrats, Pro-life vs pro- choice, Lebron or Kobe….  Here is Hosoi.

photo by Anna Campbell

Here is Takai (the older design)

photo by Alleh Lindquist