BambooDNA at Coachella 2009

I missed out on the Coachella build this year with BambooDNA.  We are a group led by Gerard Minakawa traveling the world building bamboo sculptures for rock concerts.  Coachella is a giant outdoor music festival held near Palm Springs CA with Paul McCartney and the Killers headlining this year.

photo by Nils Hammerbeck

This is their most recent build which I unfortunately skipped out on.  They built a 90ft high bamboo skyscraper and a little cluster of palapas for the rockstars to hang out in backstage.

Great job everyone.  Way to represent!  I bet if the wind is blowing just right the flame at the top extends the structure to the magic 100ft level.  Ill be participating in at least one build this year- just to keep those improvisational skills sharp.   ;)

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