Ladd Tower Sculpture

May 18th, 2009 by admin

I worked on a sculpture for the lobby to Ladd Tower which unfortunately fell through at the last minute.  While dissapointed, Im still excited about the concepts I came up with.  I can see these prototypes turning into a huge chandelier someday.

The idea was to create a organic 3 dimensional form using 2 dimensional material.  I found a special wood wall panel product which is more stable than the standard veneer.  The back is paper and paints well.  I experimented with several brands and found this to work the best.  This sample is wenge with red painted on the inside.

Some models in paper of different ideas I had….. Ive been really intrigued with the color red lately because of the experiments I did on this sculpture.

Bummer it didnt happen- but it was fun!  Its so important to keep pushing ahead and exploring regardless of external factors you cant control.

Park19 with Myhre Group

May 16th, 2009 by admin

I recently completed some pieces for Myhre Group architects for the new Park 19 development on the corner of Glisan and 19th across the street from Couch Park.  We installed the TV cabinet on a nice day with people out lounging on the grass in the park and fallen cherry blossoms carpeting the street with pink.

Im waiting for the so called “geek squad” from Best Buy to install the 50″ plasma.  I didnt know geeks are slow- its taking forever.  Pics will come after they finish install.  Coming soon….

Jason Hernandez veneer table

May 10th, 2009 by admin

photo by Anna Campbell

Check out this veneer coffee table by chaboo artist Jason Hernandez.  When I visited him in his shop a few months ago he was just starting to lay out the veneers he had cut and told me about his idea.  Now its done and he had the piece photographed by Project Chaboo photographer Anna Campbell.  Im glad people have been connecting through the project.

photo by Anna Campbell

MMMmmm.  Pretty SICK if you ask me!  The design of the pattern is just killer and add to that the figure in the veneers- makes my spine tingle.  You can see Jason’s work on his website here.  Hes teaching a class at OCAC this summer called Elements of Furniture Making for beginning through intermediate woodworkers.  Learn from the master!

BambooDNA at Coachella 2009

May 2nd, 2009 by admin

I missed out on the Coachella build this year with BambooDNA.  We are a group led by Gerard Minakawa traveling the world building bamboo sculptures for rock concerts.  Coachella is a giant outdoor music festival held near Palm Springs CA with Paul McCartney and the Killers headlining this year.

photo by Nils Hammerbeck

This is their most recent build which I unfortunately skipped out on.  They built a 90ft high bamboo skyscraper and a little cluster of palapas for the rockstars to hang out in backstage.

Great job everyone.  Way to represent!  I bet if the wind is blowing just right the flame at the top extends the structure to the magic 100ft level.  Ill be participating in at least one build this year- just to keep those improvisational skills sharp.   ;)