Ryan Thomson Chaboo

Chaboo artist Ryan Thomson works at giant architecture firm ZGF and also rides for high end cycling gear maker RAPHA. There is an interesting article in the Oregonian about their unusual marketing strategy.

A band of cyclists — fast but not pro, thoughtful but not geeky, a touch wacky — embarked on America’s most epic rides. They pushed hard, but not so hard they missed wildflowers and cafes. They fixed their own flats. And their journeys were documented online, creating a real-life sports drama.

From the look of Ryan’s beard (in back), I don’t think they are allowed to rest even to shave…   A bird might mistakenly nest in that thing.  So anyways, his chaboo idea was to do a double tiered construction.  He brought over some drawings and I built him the parts.  He then took those parts and went to work.

He cut the chaboo parts at an angle with a taper jig on the tablesaw.  His original plan was to pepper it with fasteners but he decided to go with a more simple look on the fly.

I leave you with the bio he submitted for the ProjectChaboo website.

“well, shucks, i like to make things, fix things, modify things. i start projects, sometimes i finish them…”

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