Chaboo Artist Profile - Paul Sykes

Paul is an ex-shop mate of mine.  He insisted when it was over that “its not you, its me”.  Ive heard tha-t before.  Anyways, hes a grizzled veteran woodworker who everyone asks for advice and he never says no.  Contact him with any woodworking related questions. Hes the most helpful guy I know.  Here is his cell phone number:  (503) XXX-XXXX Just kidding Paul.

Pretty brave guy

Check out these super cool wooden bike fenders and other bicycle accessories that Paul makes through his company Sykes Wood Fenders (click on pic above).  His slogan is “Strong, Lightweight, Flexible, and Darn Good Lookin’”  Is he talking about himself or the fenders?  Hard to tell…. Youll see that there are some by Jennifer Mercede and MapleXO (Lindsay Holmes) both of whom are chaboo artists.  Layers of collaboration… I love it!  He also makes complicated display racks and cases for rug companies.

He did his signature polka dot inlays that he does on some of his bike fenders. I like how his work is delicate and doesnt dominate the chaboo.  The different angles of the grain directions creates movement. The random pattern was apparently inspired by his travels in Syria where they are obsessed with mother of pearl inlays on everything.

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