Bamboo Plywood sources

This whole ordeal my neighbor/friend Joe has gone through with his laser engraving business has gotten me thinking about the bamboo ply that I use.

Ive gone through 3 or 4 bamboo manufacturers/distributors in the last four years struggling to get consistent quality product.  People think all bamboo ply is the same but its really not.  There are big differences between manufacturers and inconsistencies within even the same manufacturer.

First I used Plyboo by Smith and Fong.  I really liked this product but had to stop using it when their relationship with their local distrubutor soured to the point where I couldnt get their products anymore at all locally.

Then I tried NW bamboo which I felt had inferior quality engineering.  Lots of voids, inconsistencies in thickness and the amber especially looked pale.

I tried Bamboo Revolutions and it was a little better but still i felt the product was not as good as the Smith and Fong.  Especially in the amber color the difference is noticeable.  The color is not as rich.

I use Teragren now out of Seattle.  They are apparently #1 in volume for bamboo flooring.  Ive been using them for six months or so now.  Ive bought around 12-15 sheets from these guys and had great results…. until this most recent batch.  Lots of excessive bowing and strange voids running perpendicular to the grain.  Im very dissapointed and the search for quality products starts once again.

Joe’s ordeal has made me realize I need to learn more about the product I use.  I need to know who makes it, how its made, and how environmentally friendly the end product really is.

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