Egypt's Court of Cassation begins hearing their appeal on Thursday. It takes place as Egypt and Qatar appear to be moving to resolve their bitter rivalry. The tension followed the military's ouster of Islamist President Mohammed Morsi in July 2013, and Qatar's support of the Brotherhood and his Islamist supporters.

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Opponents seized on the Coromoto announcement as a telling symbol of what they view as President Nicolas Maduro's economic failure. He says foes, egged on by the United States and foreign media, exaggerate and make up problems.

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"There were some negative surprises along the way, including the Ebola scare and increasing social tensions around the globe. However, U.S. markets were able to weather these problems as (the U.S. economy) improved," Gary Thayer, chief macro strategist at Wells Fargo Advisors, wrote in a note to investors.

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"President Bush was released from the Houston Methodist Hospital today," spokesman Jim McGrath said in a statement. "He is now resting at home, grateful to the doctors and nurses for their superb care."

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The 44-year-old former Marine and FBI agent easily won a third term in office in November. His resignation will set up a 2015 battle for his House seat, which covers parts of Staten Island and Brooklyn, as Republicans take full control of Congress next year.


In some markets, the pain of rising rents is particularly acute. California’s Bay Area, consisting of the San Jose and San Francisco metros, saw the largest jump in cumulative rent paid in 2014, up 14.4 and 13.5 percent respectively. Zillow reported that rent per household in the San Jose metro rose by $197 per month, while rent in the San Francisco metro rose by $163 per month.

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They include: former Iranian citizen Hossein Zeidi and Iranian Seyed Kamal Yasini, who U.S. officials said helped convert Iranian money into local currency and then into U.S. dollars; Azizullah Asadullah Qulandary, an Afghanistan citizen who helped deliver those dollars to the Iranian government. Asadollah Seifi, Teymour Ameri and Dubai-based Belfast General Trading also delivered U.S. currency to the Iranian government, according to Treasury officials.

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Harvard College is undergoing its own investigation for Title IX violations in undergraduate complaints, and Princeton is also among more than 50 colleges nationwide undergoing sexual assaults probes.

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But if Johnson hires Pioli and tells him his only responsibility is building the roster, there is no better candidate to turn the Jets into winners. He knows players. But can Johnson get past Pioli being Bill Parcells’ son-in-law — Johnson and Parcells are not best buds — and Pioli being the first one to run out of town with Belichick to

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The oldest person arrested was a 79-year-old man in Bicester on December 14 and the youngest were three different 19-year-old men arrested in Slough on December 3 and Aylesbury on December 6 for drug-driving and a man arrested for drink-driving in South Oxfordshire on December 14.

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Italian prosecutor Giuseppe Volpe said “We have no doubts anymore that the boat had illegal immigrants on board. They were probably hidden in the hold. Our fear is that once we will examine the wreck, we will probably find other corpses”.

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The StellaService study, based on 44 visits to stores in the South run by 11 retailers, is one of the most comprehensive studies so far of the in-store pickup service. The results show that retailers have no uniform approach to the issue.

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There was a 17.8% increase in the final three months of the year compared with the fourth quarter of 2013. This took the average price in the city to 406,730, some 35% above their previous peak in 2007.

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“There are always malcontents and they may vote against Boehner. I expect a few scattered ”no’ votes. But because Boehner has been strengthened by the gains in the election, the speaker election should mostly be an uneventful coronation,” he said.

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As well as the new estimates for the volume of the ancient water, the researchers used data from 19 different mine sites, studied as part of the Deep Carbon Observatory programme, to assess how much hydrogen was being produced through the underground chemical reactions.

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Henegan’s salmon cake ($12), based on his mother, Delma’s ,recipe, hits another unlikely home run. Using beyond-boring ingredients — boiled salmon, chopped onion, parsley, tomato and peppers — Henegan elevates this suburban-kitchen staple into a lush, elegant treat. A little heap of black roe, and swirls of spicy mayo, add smart pops of flavor and texture.

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In a statement Tuesday morning, Keller added: We are working with local law enforcement in this ongoing investigation and appreciate any information the community may have that could help us identify the offenders. We look forward to rebuilding our cellar and moving forward with The French Laundrys kitchen remodel.

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Prices that LNG projects can charge for long-term supply are falling from historic highs as new producers crowd the market, which is already oversupplied due to slowing demand and rising output that has seen spot Asian LNG prices halve this year.

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He declined to specify which sectors in the United States he had identified as particularly promising, but said DST is looking for later-stage start-ups with potential in international markets rather than any one country. In particular he seeks start-ups he believes will one day fetch valuations of over $100 billion, which he said was the case with Xiaomi.

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Pitching coach Dave Righetti began fielding inquiries before the World Series began about whether Bumgarner had the chance to make three appearances. He knew it could happen, though it wasn’t exactly planned.

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Negotiations about reducing emissions grind on. But in the meantime, how much warming are we already locked into? If we stop emitting greenhouse gases tomorrow, why would the temperature continue to rise?

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The Rangers (19-11-4), who had an eight-game winning streak snapped in Monday night's 3-2 loss in Dallas, practiced at noon Tuesday and flew immediately to Fort Lauderdale, Fla. They will close 2014 with a New Year's Eve visit to the surprisingly competitive Florida Panthers, who entered their Tuesday night match against Montreal at 16-9-8.

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MADRID (AP) — The Court of Arbitration for Sport on Tuesday dismissed Barcelona's appeal and upheld the transfer ban that FIFA imposed on the club for breaking rules on registering minors as youth players.