They looked at over 5,500 men who underwent physical examinations in the 1970s, when they were healthy 18 or 19-year-olds. When the men were in their 50s, they were assessed again and over 500 of them were found to have end-stage kidney disease.

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The responsible agency kept updating the forecasts as the event progressed, but with most of those in the waves' path already fled from their homes, and power cut off, it is not clear who heard the revisions.

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The bombing is the biggest attack on the parliament since it set up in Tobruk, near the Egyptian border. The assembly, which was elected in June, shifted its seat to Tobruk for security reasons after violence in its planned location, the eastern port city of Benghazi, worsened.

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The paper says those sitting near the nurse in her flight from Heathrow to Glasgow will be monitored, with other passengers advised about the potential hazard. Passengers on the other two planes the nurse travelled on are being traced.

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But these strategies can get very complex, and very active.For example, the Vident International Equity Index Fund states that it is a risk-weighted portfolio of non-U.S.countries that "promote human productivity." It uses an array ofresearch metrics, such as country debt-to-GDP ratios andtaxation rates.

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A halving in the oil price since June has upendedassumptions by developers that cheap U.S. LNG would muscle intohigh-value Asian energy markets, which relied on oil pricesstaying high to make the U.S. supply affordable.

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At trial, Arnall told the court that during the marriage, Hamm had often refused to put property in both spouses' names. That became a point of contention between the couple, according to people familiar with her version of events, since she worried Hamm would leave her.

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"As the evening rolled past midnight, I saw one man among the crowd who looked particularly agitated. He seemed to be a local resident, very upset with the police, and people were holding him back as he yelled towards the officers.

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It seems many more motorists are also guilty of questionable parking in and around Hull and now some of the worst offenders are being shamed on a Facebook page called Bad Parking Cars – Hull, which invites motorists to upload photographs of cars parked badly.


An FBI official conceded to Triay, however, that the agency's statement holding North Korea responsible is a big-picture assessment, and it does not assign individual blame. This leaves open the possibility that the North Koreans may have "outsourced" the hack to a third party operating in another country or countries.

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The service has been given 7.5m according to the Welsh Government, to recruit more than 120 frontline staff, with 70 appointed since April and 12 more starting work in December, plus an extra 4m investment in new ambulances.

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A young artist put the same idea differently: "Our national character is to defy the bully," she said, "but on the other hand we want to be the best, the sharp tip of the arrow in Latin America.

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Currently, the atmospheric pressure of Venus at the surface is over 90 times that found on Earth, but during the planet’s earliest days, that pressure may have been far greater, Bolmatov and his fellow investigators said. If those conditions lasted for at least 100 million years, they might have led to the formation of supercritical CO2 with liquid-like properties.

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She said that local medical and healthcare providers ‘must partner with intellectual disability service providers to ensure that needed healthcare is available, prepared and welcoming of this population of Irish citizens'.