"If Petrobras releases its third-quarter financial statements by the beginning of March, the default will be cured," Aurelius said. "If Petrobras still has not released its third-quarter financials by early March, the underlying causes of the delay may be considerably worse than is understood today."

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Fortunately for the industry, 2015 is expected to be a great year for the movie theater experience, with big films such as the new "Star Wars" installment, "Avengers: Age of Ultron" and the seventh "Fast & Furious" movie all targeting young viewers.

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Upon hearing the song of finch A and finch B, it is hard to hear the differences between the two in real-time but once the songs are played slowly, it is easier to here the change in volume, as well as clarity. The equivalent would be a slurring roommate calling for a ride home from the bar.

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While it's not yet clear what happened to either plane, Australian Prime Minister Tony Abbott warned against drawing comparisons, saying: "This is not a mystery like the MH370 disappearance ... it's an aircraft that was flying a regular route on a regular schedule, it struck what appears to have been horrific weather and it's downed."

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The 13 day difference is explained by calendars. While the Latin church switched to the Gregorian calendar, devised by Pope Gregory in the 16th Century, the Eastern Orthodox churches still use the older, Julian calendar - created during the reign of Julius Caesar in 45 BC.

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While 13 maternal deaths over four or five years might seem like a lot, he said specific circumstances were attached to each death and predicting maternal mortality rates was in many senses a 'lottery'. He pointed that over a 48 hour period in 2012 there were two maternal deaths at the Coombe Hospital.

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Although all of that activity helped the fund outperform its peers last year, it has underperformed the slow-trading plain-vanilla mid-cap blend funds with which it is compared for the last 3, 5 and 10-year periods, according to Morningstar. It's in the bottom 1 percent of performers over the last 10 years ending Sept. 30, according to Morningstar.

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"The strike took place in the vicinity of Saakow, Somalia," Defense Department spokesman Mark Wright said in a statement. "At this time, we do not assess there to be any civilian or bystander casualties. We are assessing the results of the operation and will provide additional information, when appropriate, as details become available."

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"Many tourists who come to Las Vegas may be unprepared for the true winter-like conditions this storm could bring with it," the NWS said in a statement. "Travel conditions could be difficult, if not impossible, on area roads."

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After the surgery, Ms Doumbia said she felt a real change because the pain she used to have had gone - and she was relieved that she would be able to continue to sell her garden produce in the nearest city, Ouelessebougou. "I had started to fear losing my sight because the pain became frequent and often my vision was blurred," she said.

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Microsoft is scheduled to show off new Windows 10 features at a special event in Redmond, Wash., on January 21, and it’s possible that “Spartan” might make an appearance there. Then again, the software may not be quite ready to be shown off at the event, in which case it would likely make an appearance in subsequent Windows 10 Technical Preview builds.

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The figures look good for the administration meeting its goal of 9.1 million customers signed up and paying premiums in 2015, independent experts said. But they predicted the program won't meet another target: the 13 million enrollments forecast by the nonpartisan Congressional Budget Office in 2015.

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Hill, a 19-year-old freshman, has since November helped raise more than $775,000 for cancer research and treatment through the charity called The Cure Starts Now. The charity is staging a telethon on Tuesday to help it reach the goal set by Hall to raise $1 million by the end 2014.

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Oleg Navalny, the father of two small children and a former executive of the state-owned postal service, has never played a role in the Russian opposition movement and his imprisonment could echo the Soviet-era practice of punishing the relatives of inconvenient people.

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In the nuclear sphere, Moscow and Kiev are at odds over supplies on nuclear fuel after Ukraine said it wanted to replace some Russian supplies with fuel from U.S. firm Westinghouse. Moscow said the move would put the safety of Ukrainians and Europe in general in danger.


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