In the first in a series of special reports on some of the year's most significant medical breakthroughs, the BBC's Victoria Gill went to see a robot-assisted operation at the Royal Hallamshire Hospital in Sheffield.

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“We don’t necessarily make decisions for him,” Fisher said. “He’s part of the conversation. So we have opinions that we’ve expressed to him. We talk about different things, but really it is a decision that he has to also want to make for himself and his career. He’s also conferenced about the team and his teammates, and so we’ll continue to find a right balance of it all.”

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The bombing is the biggest attack on the parliament since itset up in Tobruk, near the Egyptian border. The assembly, whichwas elected in June, shifted its seat to Tobruk for securityreasons after violence in its planned location, the eastern portcity of Benghazi, worsened.

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It was also unclear how many people, including illegal immigrants, may have boarded without being recorded. Italy and Greece have opened separate investigations into what caused the fire which broke out on a lower deck.

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Syriza leader Alexis Tsipras praised the vote as a "historic day for Greek democracy" and Independent Greeks leader Panos Kammenos said the era in which Mr Samaras and his coalition partners had "surrendered" Greece's sovereignty was now over.

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"Air pollution should be considered one of the major modifiable risk factors to prevent and manage cardiovascular disease. Individuals, especially those with or at risk of cardiovascular disease, can take measures to reduce their exposure and doctors should include these in lifestyle advice. Policy makers urgently need to reduce levels of air pollution and this should be backed up by legislation."

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Over the summer, those companies were asked to fill out a one-page, nine-question survey about their plans to export oil, including basic questions about the type of oil used for feedstock, the distillation process used and the characteristics of the output after processing.

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In the midst of the owner’s season-ending press conference after firing John Idzik and Rex Ryan, he touched on the Jets’ decision not to sign Revis when the star cornerback was available as a free agent last offseason after he was cut by the Bucs. Revis signed a two-year, $32 million deal with New England that effectively acted as a one-year, $12 million deal since Revis is likely to become a free agent after this season.

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Prime Minister Modi has promised to step up the pace of reforms to revive India's slowing economy and in the last few days has used executive orders to pass reforms since it lacks a majority in the upper house of parliament.

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Ling is suspected of unilaterally mobilizing the party's Central Bodyguards Bureau and trying to cover up his son's death, the sources said. "Ling failed to control his wife and son," a second person said, referring to Chinese Internet reports of scandals implicating Ling's wife.

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Two small anti-bailout parties, the Democratic Left and Independent Greeks, are possible allies for Syriza. However, the Democratic Left is not expected to win 3 percent of popular vote, the minimum required to enter parliament, and may be absorbed by Syriza before the election.

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Next, the first big British retailer to report on theholiday season, benefited from its policy of not cutting pricesbefore Christmas. And it did not take part in "Black Friday"promotions in late November that sent Britain's retail salesgrowth to a 27-year high.

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Passengers tell the Sun that they became aware of problems on flight VS43 when the pilot repeatedly tried to "bounce" the plane in mid-air to try to free the jammed section of the landing gear.

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He said that while the UK economy was among those achieving the fastest growth in the G7 — with 2.5% growth predicted in 2015 — there were risks. “The political and economic risks at home and abroad represent a clear and present danger. As the election countdown accelerates, I urge politicians of all hues not to take their eyes off the economic ball,” Cridland said.

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Dr Banerjee noted that burnout is characterised by emotional exhaustion, loss of purpose and depersonalisation - treating people as if they are objects. It can lead to serious issues for the doctor involved, including depression, anxiety, alcohol abuse, substance abuse and suicide. But it can also have a major impact on patients if their doctor can no longer provide compassionate, high-quality care.

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"Normally, we'd miss these kinds of processes because previous European Space Agency satellites only gave us images every 35 days, and other missions don't acquire data systematically over fault zones.

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"The Benettons are not against diluting their stake under 30percent," a source with knowledge of the family thinking said.The source added the family would be happy with a 15-20 percentstake in a well-managed, larger group.

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The speed and scale of the rally could push traders to takeprofits, and volatility could be amplified with many marketparticipants out for the holiday, which stifles volume. Thestock market will be closed on Thursday for the New Year'sholiday.

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UK researchers looked at 1.3 million women aged between 50 and 64. The women were observed for over 10 years and the study found that after that time, those who started menstruating at the age of 13 had the lowest risk of developing heart disease, high blood pressure and stroke.

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Tuesday's ruling will come as a relief for Navalny's supporters after prosecutors asked that he be imprisoned for 10 years. The Kremlin denies allegations that it uses the courts to persecute opponents.

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When it came to cancer deaths, the report stated that the disease continues to be the second biggest killer in Ireland, after heart-related deaths. Between 2010 and 2012, an average of almost 9,000 people from cancer died each year.

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The teams are moving just as quickly to fill those vacancies, with several interviews already set up for this week. Many of the interviews involve coaches whose teams have a bye in the first round of the playoffs. NFL rules state that those coaches — on the Patriots, Broncos, Seahawks, and Packers — can interview through Saturday, and then cannot interview again until their team is eliminated from the playoffs.

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While researchers had previously discovered that animal Neu5Gc can be absorbed into human tissues, mice used in the study also showed systemic inflammation when fed Neu5Gc. Furthermore, spontaneous tumor formation increased fivefold and Neu5Gc accumulated in the tumors.

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Some private cybersecurity analysts have been skeptical about the FBI's claim that North Korea was behind the attack, questioning the Kim Jong Un regime's motive and ability. A theory gaining popularity now is that disgruntled former Sony employees did the hacking.

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"I had told her that if there was another big earthquake, get on the motorbike and head to higher ground, to a safe spot we both know. As soon as I could, I went to find her and as I expected, she was there."

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In Sierra Leone, aid made up one-fifth of economic output in 2010, according to officials, though this had been shrinking as growth accelerated thanks to a boom in the country's commodities exports. Britain and the European Union are the main donors with funds directed to health, education and social assistance.

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"Everyone there was trampling on each other to get onto the helicopter," Greek truck driver Christos Perlis told The Associated Press by telephone from one of the rescue vessels summoned after the Italian-flagged ferry caught fire in the Adriatic Sea off Albania early Sunday.

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"Without cutting military spending and raising the pension age, we won't muddle through. What options do we have? Raise taxes and print money, which triggers a downward spiral of inflation and higher interest rates," the government source said.

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Some of them, like Malik Ambar in Ahmadnagar (in western India), went on to become important rulers and military strategists. Ambar was known for taking on the powerful Mughal rulers of northern India.

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Of course, it is one thing for a labor organization to defend a member denied a job promotion and quite another when he or she violates criminal law. No one would expect the autoworkers union to defend a member who robbed a bank — or beat his wife.

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Director Ava DuVernay focused her film on King and the men and women who literally risked their lives by walking across the Edmund Pettus Bridge and were greetedby state troopers who viciously bludgeoned them while TV cameras captured it all. In an exclusive behind-the-scenes featurette about the film and the actual history, men like Andrew Young and John Lewis who were there, as well as the cast and crew, discuss the importance of bringing a film about Selma and King to the screen in 2014.

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"Women with job authority have significantly more symptoms of depression than women without this power. In contrast, men with job authority have fewer symptoms of depression than men without such power," commented the study's lead author, Tetyana Pudrovska, a sociologist at the University of Texas.

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Several lawmakers in both the House of Representatives andSenate have said that unless energy companies can export oil toAsia and Europe, the drilling boom will eventually choke on itsown output. (Additional reporting by Jessica Resnick-Ault and Jonathan Leffin New York; Editing by Jessica Resnick-Ault, Bill Trott andJeffrey Benkoe)

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Residents of New York and northern New Jersey paid the largest cumulative rental rate of any of the country's top 25 metropolitan areas, more than their counter parts in other pricey cities such as Los Angeles and San Francisco, according to the report by real estate website Zillow. The rate is up 3.6% from 2013.

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One Qabaseen resident, Yousef al-Saadi, told Reuters via Skype: "People were going about scraping a living and there were no armed groups in the market, only poor people. Why is Assad killing us? May God bring vengeance on him."

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The product ratings group surveyed 3,000 Americans and found that out of those who have used diet pills (almost one in four people), only 9% of them were able to lose the weight they wanted and maintain their weight loss. And that may not even be due to the pills — 85% of those weight-loss-success stories also involved diet and exercise changes.


Transport Minister Claire Perry said: People in this country rightly take pride in our national flag which is why I am delighted it will now be displayed on British driving licences. I will feel proud to carry my new licence and I hope others will too.

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Corsica is largely mountainous; high cliffs and rocky inlets characterise much of its coast. The interior boasts deep forests, glacial lakes, gorges, maquis-covered slopes and snow-capped granite peaks. Wilderness areas attract walkers and nature-lovers.