The BBC's Jonathan Paye-Layleh in the Liberian capital, Monrovia, says that while statistics are not available, suspicion exists that some of the deaths attributed to Ebola have been caused by cholera, malaria, typhoid and other illnesses, as people either did not go to hospitals or were turned away by medical workers who feared that they carried the deadly virus.

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The report paid particular attention to 2010-2012 - the most recent three-year period for which full data is available. It found that on average, around 36,000 newly diagnosed tumours were registered each year and of these, over 20,000 were invasive cancers.

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One of the experts who featured in the Prime Time programme, Prof Owen Barr, who is head of the School of Nursing at the University of Ulster, insisted that the actions of some members of staff can be considered assault.

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If the plane came down relatively intact — possibly from a stall, pilot error or mechanical problem — the metal in the fuselage and wings would be under enormous pressure when it hit the water. Peter Goelz, a former managing director of the National Transportation Safety Board, says the wreckage would show signs of compression.

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As for the partying reports, Manziel said friends from Kerrville, Texas, stayed with him last week. The rookie said he let his “guard down a little bit” and went out Friday night. When he was late for his treatment Saturday, the Browns sent security personnel to his home.

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Given the mayor’s record, there should be little wonder why many police officers have concluded that he views them as a problem to be solved rather than as the agents of the city’s salvation. Calling them every superlative in the world will not change that perception. Nor will pouring money into new high-tech equipment.

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"Small parties were on the sidelines in the past but now will be the determining factor in the coming election," said a senior official from the PASOK faction that is expected to break away in the coming days.

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The House Democratic campaign arm, the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee, blasted Scalise and said that “Republicans are off to a banner start for their new Congress — on the path to break their own record for least popular Congress in history.”

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In the mid-1930s she was discovered by a talent scout from Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer — on the lookout for new European beauties to rival Greta Garbo — and whisked to Hollywood. Her first U.S. film was the largely forgotten "Escapade" (1935), but her next roles made her a star.

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The product ratings group surveyed 3,000 Americans and found that out of those who have used diet pills (almost one in four people), only 9% of them were able to lose the weight they wanted and maintain their weight loss. And that may not even be due to the pills — 85% of those weight-loss-success stories also involved diet and exercise changes.

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The tests were carried out in the Sywell Aerodrome near Northampton. The first couple of tests were composed of a chain of “hops” on the runway. After the tests, the hybrid-electric aircraft took longer flights at an altitude of 1,500 feet. The purpose of the tests is to optimize the aircraft’s fuel economy and performance.

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The strike comes three months after manned U.S. aircraft and drones killed Ahmed Abdi Godane, the leader of the al-Qaida- linked militant group that has waged an insurgency against Somalia's government since 2006. The United States declared the militia a terrorist organization in 2008.


“BP’s Code of Conduct includes mandatory requirements for employees to disclose potential conflicts of interests internally,” the company said in response to a question about the commercial relationship between Mr. Usher and Mr. White through the fishing lake. “Following such disclosure, steps are taken to manage and monitor these appropriately. It is our policy not to comment on individuals.”

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"We want to now follow this 'treasure map', to go to these sites to characterise just how broad this deep hydrosphere is, to characterise the extent of ages, and then to try to understand the differences in the kinds of life we might find in one fracture versus another.

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Among these women, ‘at least five were forced to continue with the pregnancy and parent against their wishes', the IFPA said. At least four were considering taking the abortion pill or had already taken it and the remainder never returned to the association, so it is unclear what happened to them.

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KIEV, Dec 30 (Reuters) - Ukraine expects the InternationalMonetary Fund to disburse new and overdue loans after a visitnext month and still hopes a $17 billion bailout programme canbe expanded, its central bank governor said on Tuesday.

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"I would like to thank the majority of those who travel within the speed limits. It is however, unbelievable and unacceptable to find some drivers are being detected at speeds in excess of 200 km/h. We all must take personal responsibility for how we act on the roads. We appeal to all drivers to slow down and save lives," Chief Superintendent O'Sullivan added.

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In a document submitted to the court, he admitted to all the illegal conduct alleged in his 20-count indictment, including hiring undocumented immigrants and lying under oath in a deposition in 2013, when he had been in Congress for two years.

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Harry Styles and his four singing soulmates grossed the most on the road this year — but they needed 69 shows to attain their lofty perch. The Rolling Stones — average age 70 1/2 — earned $165.1 million from just 25 shows on the road this year.

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In September, Taiwan's government began performingindependent tests on Xiaomi phones after media reports said thatsome models automatically send user data back to the firm'sservers in mainland China.