Medisave managing director Graham Wright was encouraged to donate to the appeal by his three children, who said they wanted to raise money for charity, and he said the toy appeal felt close to home.

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In response to the vote, the IMF said talks on completing a review of the bailout, which Greece would need if it were to leave the the EU-IMF programme, would take place only when a new government was in place.

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"The court’s decision is a further blow to critical civil society in Russia," he said. "Alexei Navalny is trying to exercise his right (to freedom of opinion) in a peaceful way. He must continue to be allowed to participate in political life."

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In January,Grimmthreatened to break a young TV reporter in half “like a boy” and throw him over a balcony when asked about his legal issues. The incident was recorded and quickly became a national news story.

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“I’m enjoying every moment of it, and whenever the decision will be made hopefully I’ll be the first to know and I’ll be happy or disappointed one way or the other but it’s been a great ride,” he said.