With its economy pushed close to bankruptcy by a separatistwar in the east and costly energy imports from Russia, Ukrainehustled through an austerity budget on Monday which it hopeswill impress the Fund when a mission visits Kiev from Jan. 8.

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The burger joint was made famous by the 2004 flick "Harold and Kumar go to White Castle," which follows two stoners on a trip to White Castle when they get the munchies. So it hasn't traditionally been a haven for the health conscious.

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"SnapScan instead tries to give access to electronic payments to a large group of merchants who do not qualify for formal card payment facilities, or where card machines do not make sense," he says.

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Perhaps what we need is for one parent to stop working for a few years until the kids are old enough for school, either with their old employer retaining a position for them and thus retraining them when they return or the government to subsidise their retraining if they can't return to the old employer.

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The image of the “Havoc DLC pack” reveals the four maps as Sideshow, Core, Drift, and Urban. Sledgehammer has revealed little about this first bout of DLC for Advanced Warfare, but with a release date so close that should likely change shortly.

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For the default declaration to take effect on any of themore than 20 U.S. law bonds outstanding, investors holding atleast 25 percent of any one series must request the action,Aurelius said in the letter to fellow bondholders.

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She said she will remember her childhood friend as an awesome person and believes through reading his note he did this because of his total love for his wife, which she said was never in question.

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Crews in dozens of planes, helicopters and ships looking for the aircraft discovered what appeared to be a life jacket and an emergency exit door, according to The Associated Press. Part of the plane's interior, including an oxygen tank, was brought to the nearest town, Pangkalan Bun, along with a bright blue plastic suitcase that appeared to be in perfect condition.

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Regional analysts doubt the willingness of the army and FIB members South Africa and Tanzania to take on the militia, given tensions between those countries and Rwanda, which advocates a hard line against the rebels.

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"Why did he (the pilot) request to climb at that stage? Should he have climbed earlier? Other aircraft were flying at a higher altitude in that area. How did the two pilots react to the weather? We are asking those questions."

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Beck, best known for her roles as Trisha Alden on ABC drama “Loving” and as Lily Walsh Snyder on “As the World Turns,” has listed the couple’s six-bedroom, seven-bathroom townhouse, at 243 E. 17th St. with Sara Gelbard and Paul Kolbusz of the Corcoran Group, the Daily News has learned.

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That leaves To Potami in prime position to become kingmaker. Set up this year by a prominent TV journalist, the party made its debut in elections to the European Parliament in May, when it came fifth with 6.6 percent.

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The Office for Civil Rights wrote that entered “a resolution agreement” with Harvard University and its Law School, which overhauled its sexual assault procedures during the investigation to comply with Title IX requirements.