According to Bob Elliot, head of investigations for the RSPB: "In our experience this satellite technology is normally very reliable and it is rare for them to fail for technological reasons. Losing two birds in such a short time frame and in the same geographical area is strange."

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The Rangers are up against the NHL's $69 million salary cap already. Commissioner Gary Bettman estimated in December that next season's ceiling could rise to around $73 million, but re-signing several key players won't leave GM Glen Sather much room.

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But it has to be more than just a belief. It has to be an order. And Mara should say it. And not just to the fans, either. He should say it to Reese and Coughlin that whatever grace period two championships earned them is completely over. About the only excuse for more losing next year would be an early, season-ending injury to Manning — the one player the Giants couldn’t survive without.

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Maria Lucely Durango has stitched her son, a 17-year-old murdered in 2011 when he crossed the invisible line in his neighbourhood that marked rival gang territory. She has dressed Juan Felipe Henao Durango in a graduation gown - the representation of a son who would never fulfil his promise.

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When I was growing up it was common that a family could live quite comfortably on one wage. Why is that no longer so? This is the real question to answer, not how childcare can be more widespread. I don't care whether the Mum or Dad is at home, the fact that it's the norm for both parents to work cannot be helping social cohesion. It shouldn't be desirable, let alone necessary. Family before work.

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In 1967, King gave a powerful speech at Riverside Church explaining his decision to speak out against the Vietnam War at a time when many people said he should remain quiet. He said, “A time comes when silence is betrayal.”

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Residents of New York and northern New Jersey paid the largest cumulative rental rate of any of the country's top 25 metropolitan areas, more than their counter parts in other pricey cities such as Los Angeles and San Francisco, according to the report by real estate website Zillow. The rate is up 3.6% from 2013.

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I understand that it may be tempting for an entrepreneur to take an early offer for all the company, to bank the cash, and unwind from what may have been uncomfortable levels of financial risk and stress.