Bidart Brothers, one of Merb’s Candies apple suppliers, initiated a recall as there may be a connection between this outbreak of Listeria Monocytogenes and apples they supplied. Merb’s Candies has been working with the Food and Drug Administration in their investigation of the current outbreak of Listeriosis, which has been associated with caramel apples.


"While they could still get out, I said, 'Guys, let's go ahead and make the trek this year,'" their brother, Jim Galyon, told "It's a lifelong dream, and they are absolutely loving it."

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The most notable frozen zoos include one at the San Diego Zoo, currently holding nearly 8,400 samples from over 800 species; Britain’s Frozen Ark Project, holding 28,604 frozen DNA samples, including over 7,000 from “red list” endangered species; and an additional project in Russia, housing at least 1.5 million seeds from plants and vegetables in cryostorage in Yakutsk.

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"It's a strategically planned war ... also aimed at Venezuela, to try and destroy our revolution and cause an economic collapse," he added, accusing the United States of trying to flood the market with shale oil.

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She said she will remember her childhood friend as an awesome person and believes through reading his note he did this because of his total love for his wife, which she said was never in question.

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The experiment, a last-ditch effort by the unit of Sony Corp to keep "The Interview" alive despite a cyberattack onthe studio and threats to movie theaters, has shown thetechnology works and people like it.

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Aside from "The Interview," studios have stuck tosmall-budget movies for same-day releases in theaters andon-demand. They include dramas such as "Snowpiercer" from TheWeinstein Company's Radius-TWC division, and "Margin Call" and"Arbitrage" from Lions Gate Entertainment Corp's RoadsideAttractions.

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"With the exception of a few selected representatives of the media, no public and international observers were allowed into the court building for the reading of the verdict," EU spokeswoman Maja Kocijancic said in a statement in Brussels.

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"The good thing about those votes, they will be really bipartisan votes," he said. "I have 17 Democrats with me. . We have a shot at even getting to a veto-proof majority in the Senate."

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In order to get a sense of severity, officials compare a current season's weekly rates to those of previous seasons featuring the same predominant strain of the virus. Since 2014-2015 is a H3N2 predominant season, that means looking at 2012-2013's data, the last time the same strain was predominant.

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Gupta denied that IMF policies had caused a drop in spendingon health services saying healthcare funding increased 1.6percent in Liberia as a percentage of GDP, 0.7 percent in Guineaand 0.2 percent in Sierra Leone between 2010 and 2013.

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The amount of speculators' bearish, or short, positions in10-year Treasury futures exceeded bullish, or long, positions by235,916 contracts on Dec. 23, according to the CFTC's latestCommitments of Traders data.

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Girardi (swollen left ankle) is a "game-time decision" for the Rangers due to a blocked shot in Monday's second period, Alain Vigneault said. But the coach said the training staff and Girardi are "optimistic" he'll play.

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"He grew up in Comuna 13, so he knew the area well and was able to identify places he thought bodies had been dumped by using landmarks like trees and electricity pylons," says Jorge Mejia Martinez of the Medellin mayor's office, who is overseeing plans to excavate the site.

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Another $160,000 was spent on an estimated 3,500 unnecessary gifts in the years since 2010, often just days before the government’s fiscal years ended. The items remained in storage at least three years.

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Investigators are focusing initially on whether the crewtook too long to request permission to climb, or could haveascended on their own initiative earlier, said a source close tothe probe, adding that poor weather could have played a part aswell.

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"Why did he (the pilot) request to climb at that stage? Should he have climbed earlier? Other aircraft were flying at a higher altitude in that area. How did the two pilots react to the weather? We are asking those questions."

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One for fans of the Coen Brothers: Southampton's Nuffield Theatre will host the world premiere of The Hudsucker Proxy, a new stage adaptation of their classic 1994 film, in May. It moves to Liverpool Playhouse in June.