“It was kind of a chance here, chance there for either team, and that’s something we (don’t) necessarily like to play usually,” McDonagh said. “Usually we like to be strong in our own end, limit their chances, create ours, and it got into a little bit of a run-and-gun there ” But you can’t say we didn’t get good looks.”

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It shows how long patients waited in A&E during 2012-13, breaking them down into 10 minute groups. As you would expect there is a fairly uniform distribution in terms of when people are seen until, that is, the final 10 minutes before the four-hour mark. Then the numbers dealt with suddenly double.

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Currently in Ireland, the public water supply is fluoridated - this means that just over 70% of the population uses it on a daily basis. The practice is considered controversial by some, with anti-fluoridation campaigners arguing that adding substances to the water supply amounts to mass medication, which they insist is unethical.

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Powdered caffeine is not the same as instant coffee, which is regulated by the FDA. Some teens and young adults are using the powdered caffeine to boost workouts, lose weight or stay up late. Caffeine makes people more alert when consumed safely, but overdoses can cause death. Data on the issue are scarce. The Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration does not collect data at this time on how many people have been sent to the emergency room specifically because of the powder. In Ohio, where one of the deaths occurred, more than 200 people have been admitted to the hospital for caffeine overdoses, though it is not clear what the source of caffeine was.

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The store became one of the city's best-known places to shop, with generations of children marveling at its hand-made, cuddly toys and dolls. Asi has four other stores in the city, but the Gran Via branch brings in 70 percent of the company's revenue. The building's owners allowed the store to complete its holiday season sales campaign, but at the end of January Eznarriega will lock the doors for the last time.

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"The strength of his thesis is that it is founded on evidence rather than ideology," wrote Oliver Kamm in the Times. "He is able to point convincingly to a recent reversal of historical trends, so that the share of national income taken by the owners of capital has expanded over the past generation."

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"If the prevalence of obesity continues on its current trajectory, almost half of the world's adult population will be overweight or obese by 2030. However, much of the global debate on this issue has become polarised and sometimes deeply antagonistic. Obesity is a complex, systemic issue with no single or simple solution," the MGI said.

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Illinois guard Rayvonte Rice (24) drives past Kennesaw State forward Damien Wilson (42) as Illinois head coach, John Groce, yells in the background during an NCAA college basketball game in Champaign, Ill., Saturday, Dec. 27, 2014. (AP Photo/Robin Scholz)

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Three coastguard officials landed from one of the helicopters, but there were no reports of encounters with armed men. Officers suspect the ship may have been abandoned by people smugglers, and was advancing towards the coast on autopilot.

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Shelley Hunter, the “gift card girlfriend” forGiftCards.com, suggests finding cost effective ways to give gift cards. An easyway to make gift cards more personal is to present them in a creative and funway. You can download a free printable one, for example. Giftcards.com has a varietyof holiday styles to choose from on its site. Although the gift card printablesare perfectly fine on their own, Hunter recommends getting creative and addingsome bling. “A few sparkly stickers and some ribbon in a craft paper box cangive the presentation added charm,” she says. These gift cards perfectly mimicthe look of the “flat” gift card printable, but rest assured that you can putany gift card inside the “folded” style for a special touch.

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As criticisms grew, ministers in England - by this point health had started being devolved - responded with their most ambitious target yet. By 2008, they said, no-one should wait more than 18 weeks from GP referral to treatment. Some said it could not be achieved. But it was - and the other parts of the UK followed with their own versions of the target.

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The drug does not constitute a replacement for opioids, but can be administered within 15 seconds. Other injectable non-opioid painkillers depend upon dilution prior to administration, and typically require an infusion of 15 to 30 minutes for a full dose, Hospira said.

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“You don’t pay someone millions of dollars and tell him what jersey number the quarterback should wear,” DiNardo said. “This coach has to be left alone, whether that’s the size of the recruiting staff or facilities or non-conference schedule. All those decisions have to be Jim Harbaugh’s. No one told Bo Schembechler what to do. He sees the big picture.”

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Richard Kerry O'Brien says in a $23 million lawsuit that he was defamed in January in a Bloomberg magazine article that accused him of being an international money launderer and rhino horn trafficker.

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"The plant works normally, there have been no accidents," said an energy ministry official. The officials could not comment if documents published by Life News were authentic. Reuters was not able to verify the documents independently.

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It also highlights Taiwan's sensitivity to security issuesinvolving China, its largest trading partner but one which hasnever renounced the use of force to take back what it deems arenegade province.

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And after back-to-back losing seasons, three straight years out of the playoffs, and five times out of the playoffs in the last six seasons, this is the message he needs to send to everyone, including his coach and general manager:

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House of Representatives Speaker John Boehner had not publicly called for Grimm's resignation, but House Democratic leader Nancy Pelosi last week said the Republican leadership must "must insist that Congressman Grimm resign immediately."

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Among 2015's West End transfers are Taken At Midnight, a new play by Mark Hayhurst, which arrives at Theatre Royal Haymarket in January from Chichester. Penelope Wilton reprises her role as Irmgard - the mother of celebrated lawyer Hans Litten who puts Hitler on the witness stand in 1930s German.