Giese said she and her husband took down their own small nativity scene and lights after Christmas, although they left up some little snowman figures for the winter. She doesn't mind if Dixon expands his display, as long as it's not into her yard.

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Now that debris has been located, searchers will carefully collect it, tag it, and bring it to a warehouse or hangar. Collecting the bits and pieces that remain will be far easier than in two crashes Flight 8501 brings to mind: Malaysia Airlines Flight 370, which vanished without a trace on March 8, and Air France 447, which crashed into the Atlantic Ocean off the coast of Brazil in June, 2009. The inquiry into Flight 370 has been stymied because investigators have so little to go on—no wreckage or other sign of the aircraft, believed to have gone down in the south Indian Ocean, has been found. And although investigators found wreckage from Air France 447 within days, the extreme depth of the water—nearly 13,000 feet—helped delay the airplane’s discovery and subsequent recovery by two years.

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Ryan leaves the Jets after a six-year run that included two appearances in the AFC Championship Game and a 50-52 record, including the postseason. Idzik’s stint with the Jets was far less successful; he was ousted after just two years on the job in which the Jets went a combined 12-20.

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ETFs generally track slow-changing traditional indexes, with component stocks represented in proportion to the size of theirmarket capitalization. Smart-beta indexes, in contrast, areweighted by alternative criteria and typically created viaalgorithms designed for their ability to cherry pick winningstocks.

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The Jets are wasting little time going after potential replacements for Rex Ryan. The Daily News has learned that Woody Johnson and consultants Charley Casserly and Ron Wolf will be among the Jets brass traveling to Seattle on Friday to interview Seahawks defensive coordinator Dan Quinn.

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Alas, another Hollywood marriage appears to be ending and the split doesn’t seem amicable either. In the divorce documents, Pacheco cites a pre-nuptial agreement that she claims to be fraudulent, though there was no clarification on the assertion.

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Moments after Rex Ryan was officially unemployed Monday morning, he walked into a meeting room at the Jets facility and said very little. It was unlike the man who had swept into our lives with so much bravado six years ago to be so quiet. He knew it was the only way this should end.

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A senior Pentagon official said the attack did not target Ahmad Umar, who took over as the top leader of al-Shabab when its previous leader, Ahmed Abdi Godane, was killed in a U.S. airstrike in Somalia on Sept. 1. The official spoke on condition of anonymity because he was not authorized to discuss details of the attack by name.

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That could be considered tampering, since Revis is still under contract with the Patriots. In fact, before Johnson answered the question pertaining to Revis, a PR representative said they can’t speak about players on other teams. But Johnson went ahead anyway.

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Kenneth Robbins, co-curator of the exhibition, says it is very important for Indians to know that Africans were an integral part of several Indian sultanates and some of them even started their own dynasties.

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"No matter how prepared we are, there will always be abigger and more devastating disaster that tests the capabilityand resources of the country," the council said in a statementto the online news portal, the Malaysian Insider.

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Thousands took to the streets of the capital to protest against the guilty verdicts handed to Navalny and his brother. The convictions are seen by many as an attempt by the Kremlin to silence opposition.