But these strategies can get very complex, and very active.For example, the Vident International Equity Index Fund states that it is a risk-weighted portfolio of non-U.S.countries that "promote human productivity." It uses an array ofresearch metrics, such as country debt-to-GDP ratios andtaxation rates.

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Word of the Cuba negotiations did not leak over nearly two years of negotiations with Cuban officials, in Canada and at the Vatican at Pope Francis' invitation, with Rhodes and Zuniga personally keeping Obama updated. Beyond the negotiations with the small island country, Zuniga had a whole hemisphere of concerns to worry about, including an influx of children coming over the border from Central America and other implications of Obama's immigration policies.

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Owner Arthur Blank came away impressed from his interviews with Ryan in 2008. Ryan might be an elixir for a team that finished last in the league in total and pass defense. His ability to coach every type of personality (and potential problem child) would be extremely desirable as well. “It makes a lot of sense,” one front office executive said. “It would also give him a Top 10 (draft) pick to invest on defense and money to spend in free agency. The offense needs minor adjustments, but (he already) has a quarterback, Pro Bowl wide receiver, left tackle and good guard play.”

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On the flight back from the Jets season-ending victory over the Dolphins Sunday night, Ryan walked up and down the team plane and shook every man’s hand to thank them for all they had done for him.