With that tricky cross-body, three-quarters delivery — resembling a sling shot — Bumgarner shows hitters the ball briefly with an outstretched arm before that rapid release and suddenly it’s right there leaving batters baffled.


But in-store pickup saved just 30 seconds at Target and Toys 'R Us. At Macy's Inc, StellaService shoppers were not quite sure where to go. In-store pickup took 8 minutes and 30 seconds, while those who walked in spent 5 minutes at a Macy's store.

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Margaritas are usually associated with the summer, but there is no reason you can’t shake things up with a ready-to-pour sparkling margarita on New Year’s Eve. They satisfy everyone’s craving for something bubbly, but also bring something more festive to the party. Brands like Sauza and Skinnygirl offer varieties of sparkling margaritas in tasty flavors like watermelon, classic lime, mango peach, and wild berry, so you can offer a variety of drinks without breaking the bank. Sauza’s sparkling margaritas are priced between $10.99 and $14.99 a bottle.

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Reports and estimates of 2014 base salaries compiled by CNBC show most of the ex-coaches didn't give their franchises much bang for their buck. Calculating the coaches' base salary per team win, Ryan of the 4-12 Jets cost his team the most per win of the four departing coaches.

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A halving in the oil price since June has upendedassumptions by developers that cheap U.S. LNG would muscle intohigh-value Asian energy markets, which relied on oil pricesstaying high to make the U.S. supply affordable.

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While the "Gotham" star admitted that it does feel "amazing" when her husband, Will Smith, stares at her fit physique, combating stress is the best outcome of living a healthy lifestyle.

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Japan’s Peach Aviation, which is partly owned by ANA Holdings, the parent of All Nippon Airways, said this spring it would cut up to 2,100 flights — about one-sixth of its planned schedule — that it expected to operate between April and October due to a pilot shortage.