Nonetheless, don't be shocked if we are back to the future this January. The Super Bowl picks here are the two top seeds -- Seattle and New England. If they make it, this would become the first time in 30 years that the two top seeds reached the Super Bowl in consecutive seasons.


Somalia's intelligence service said the airstrike successfully killed the terror group's intelligence chief. The statement from the Somali agency Tuesday identified the slain leader only as Abdishakur, also known as Tahlil. It said the operation also killed two other al-Shabab militants.

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"African men were employed in very specialised jobs, as soldiers, palace guards, or bodyguards; they were able to rise through the ranks becoming generals, admirals, and administrators," she says.

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If we stop our emissions today, we won't go back to the past. This is not reason, however, to continue with unbridled emissions. We are adaptable creatures, with credible knowledge of our climate's future and how we can frame that future. We're already stuck with some amount of guaranteed climate change at this point. Rather than trying to recover the past, we need to be thinking about best possible futures.